Sunday, April 13, 2014

Suburban Sprawl Match Day at Rolling Meadows High School

This past Saturday, the Suburban Sprawl Wrestling Club participated in a match day where the DGS location met up with the other Suburban Sprawl locations and some other local clubs, teams, and wrestlers for a match day.  While the Sprawl gets after it on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Downers Grove South, Coach Pat McCluskey has a crew going at Glenbard West High School and Coach Dave Udchik (Barrington HS) has started a Sprawl location which practices out of Harper College and includes Barrington and Rolling Meadows High School.  We all met up this past Saturday in our first "Match Day" of the Spring.

Sometimes developmentals can not only get costly ($15-$20), but they may also require you to be in a gym from 8:00 AM-2:30 PM and only get two, maybe three matches in on the day.  At a match day we do a group warm-up, followed by about 60 minutes of technique where wrestlers can focus on the small details of their technique, and ending with about 60 minutes of matches on a running clock where we break into two groups.

Saturday, Shannon Gillespie was an NCAA All-American (3rd) for Lock Haven University in PA when he competed in college.  He was also a multiple time Freestyle All-American.  Coaching is where Shannon has really shined as he has coached on a national and world level, including time spent as a US National Team Coach for the women's team in the United States.  He is also an IL product and graduate of Evanston High School.  Here now serves as a head instructor for Team Overtime which operates out of Naperville and Crystal Lake. Shannyn Gillespie Bio

We counted about 65 kids there on Saturday, eight of which are current or future DGS Mustangs.  Antonio Cook, Jacob Chisholm, Cormac Burke, Calum Bonds, Tyree Johnson, Patrick Wilson, Kyler Wold, and McKyla Kerr.  We joined our other "Sprawlers" from DGN, Glenbard West, Barrington, Rolling Meadows, and Lake Park.  There were also some kids there from Stevenson, Prospect, and Johnsburg High School.  we started a little after 9:00 AM and we were out of there by 11:30 AM to enjoy the rest of our Saturday with friends and family.

Suburban Sprawl will be having another match day this Saturday, April 19th at Glenbard West High School.  The format will be similar and the technique will be lead by 3X NCAA All-American Mike Poeta.   Mike Poeta Bio

Match Day Breakout

Drums + Wrestling = Match Day
*Note Lazo Lovelace on end

Sprawlers wrestle on of many matches on the day