Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Winter Sports Registration NOW OPEN/Pre-Season Information

    • You can now register for wrestling online on the 8 to 18 Registration website
    • Payments are no longer accepted online
    • Student accounts are billed three weeks after the season starts
    • Athletes must have a physical THROUGH the 2017-2018 season
    • All Freshmen already have physicals on file
    • 1st day of practice is Monday, November 6th

    • We are looking for more parents to join us in planning and assigning of roles for the season on ALL levels 
    • Please fill out the following Google Form on filling potential roles within the DGS Wrestling Booster Organization for the 2017-2018 season: DGS Wrestling Booster Role Form
    • Pre-season Meeting:  Thursday, November 2nd- 3:30-4:00- VARSITY WRESTLING ROOM
    • North Central Cardinal Wrestling Clinic- Held at DGS- Saturday, November 4th- 9:00 AM-12:00 PM- FREE (flier attached)
    • First Day of Practice:  Monday, November 6th
    • Saturday, November 18th- Blue on Blue Scrimmage and Parent Meeting
    • Wednesday, November 22nd- Alumni Cup-  DGN at DGS
    • Sunday, December 3rd- DGS Wrestling/D99 Special Olympics Basketball Pork Fundraiser
    • We will be running several feeder school clinics starting over the next couple of weeks and we we need the assistance of the wrestlers to put these on.  The dates and locations of the clinics are also in the info attachment.  If you have a younger sibling or know any youth athlete who may be interested in trying out wrestling, please direct them to one of our clinics at their school.

  • The Downers Grove Wrestling Club is our youth wrestling club in Downers Grove.  We have levels from beginner to elite from grades 1st-8th and compete in the IKWF.  We highly encourage our 5th-8thgrade wrestlers from Jefferson Junior High and Eisenhower Junior High to wrestle for their schools.  I have attached a flier for the club and you can find more info at: Downers Grove Wrestling Club.  If you know of any younger athletes who may be interested in wrestling, please direct them to the DGWC. \
    • Only other contact sport available at Downers Grove South.  IHSA rules restrict football contact until high school football teams begin their summer camps, therefore football players may go from November through June (nearly 8 months) without any means to work on any kind of contact, handfighting, pushing/pulling, leverage drills for Football, that is unless they wrestle
    • All levels of the DGS Wrestling program lift 2-3 days a week and we incorporate Olympic lifts such as cleans and squats into our regimen as any other high school football program does
    • Wrestling is a non-cut sport where athletes ranging from 92-285 lbs can compete in high school.  We send four levels of teams to meets and tournaments on a weekly basis so there is plenty of opportunities to compete on various levels
    • No experience is necessary.  While experience certainly will help, it is definitely not required.  Each year about 50% of our freshmen wrestling team is composed of wrestlers who have little to no experience in the sport of wrestling.  
    • Coaches at DGS encourage multi-sport participation.  We take pride in the fact that our wrestlers are excelling on the grid iron, or on the track in the Spring.  While Coach Molinari and Coach Haussher also love the fact that their athletes are excelling at multiple sports.
    • Wrestling does NOT conflict with indoor and outdoor track.  Those seasons do not begin until after the wrestling season, which is a winter sport
    • Cross training in other sports will help you in your primary sport.  Beyond the obvious skills of tackling, wrestling will help athletes develop football, handfighting, core strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance.  Those attributes among many others will help you excel in what ever sport or activity you choose to participate in.